Brief Biography of Ist Ummul-Mumineen Syeda Tahera Khadijatul-Kubra Bint Khuwailid (RA)

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Marriage Particulars
Name : Syeda Khadijatul-Kubra (Umm-e-Hind) bint Khuwailed (RA)
Year of birth : She was born 55 years before the Prophet-Hood in 566 A.D. at Mecca Al-Mukarama.
Tribe Name : Quraysh
Status before the Marriage : Widow
Her 1st Husband's Name : Abu-Hala (Malik) bin Zararah Tamimi
Children from 1st Husband : Hind & Hala (daughters)
Her 2nd Husband's Name : Atiq bin Aidh
Children from 2nd Husband : Hinda (daughter)
Age at the time of her marriage with Prophet (pbuh) :
She married the Prophet (pbuh) when she was 40 and the Prophet (pbuh) was 15 years junior to her. The marriage took place 15 years before the Prophet-Hood.
No. of years with the Prophet (pbuh) : She lived with the Prophet (pbuh) for 25 years.
Children : She had 6 children, 2 sons and 4 daughters.
1. Qasim bin Muhammed (pbuh), he was born 11 years before the Prophet-Hood and died at the age of 2 years.
2. Zainab (RA) bint Muhammed (pbuh), she was born 10 years before the Prophet-Hood. She was 31 years old when she died in the year 8 Hijri.
3. Ruqayya (RA) bint Muhammed (pbuh), she was born 7 years before the Prophet-Hood and died during 2 Hijri at the age of 22 years.
4. Umme-Kulthum (RA) bint Muhammed (pbuh), she was born 6 years before the Prophet-Hood. She died in 9 Hijri at the age of 28 years.
5. Fatima (RA) bint Muhammed (pbuh), she was born 5 years before the Prophet-Hood and she was died in 11 Hijri at the age of 29 years.
6. Abdullah bin Muhammed (pbuh), he is also known as "Tayab & Taher". He also died in the early age of childhood.
Year of Expiration : 10 Nubuwwat (10th Year of Prophesy) in the presence of Prophet (pbuh).
Total Age : 65 Years
No. of Ahadith narrated : Nil

Khadijatul-Kubra (RA) was the first woman who got the honour to become the Ist wife of our Holy Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and first woman to enter into Islam. She was "Khadijatul-Kubra Bint Khuwailid bin Assad bin Abdul Uzza bin Quasy bin Kilab. She is the mother of the believers. All "Ummas" finds a perfect model and example in her for leading a Holy peaceful and Islamic way of life. She was perfectly devoted and resigned to Allah (S.T.) and his Messenger. She gave away all her wealth in the cause of Islam. She was blessfully happy and loved our Prophet (pbuh) passionately. Our Prophet (pbuh) always care more about Khadijah (RA) than any other women.

Narrated A'isha (RA), "I did not feel jealous of any of the wives of the Prophet (pbuh) as much as I did of Khadijah (RA) though I did not see her. But the Prophet (pbuh) used to mention her very often, and whenever he (pbuh) slaughtered a sheep, he (pbuh) would cut its parts and send them to the women-friends of Khadijah (RA). When I sometimes said to him, "You treat Khadijah (RA) in such a way as if there is no woman on earth except Khadijah (RA). He (pbuh) would say, "Khadijah (RA) was such & such and from her I had children".(Bukhari)

Narrated Abu Hurairah (RA) Jibrael (Gabriel) came to the Prophet (pbuh) and said, "O Allah's (ST) messenger, This is Khadijah (RA) coming to you with a dish having meat soup (or some food or drink) when she reaches you, Greet her on behalf of her Lord (i.e. Allah (S.T.)) and on my behalf and give her the glad tidings of having a palace made of Qasab in Paradise wherein there will be neither any noise nor any toil (fatigue or trouble etc.)".(Bukhari)

She was the first to believe in his mission. She in fact sacrified her ease and comfort for the sake of Allah (S.T.) and his messenger. She adored him for divine achievements. She helped the Prophet (pbuh) and co-operated with him in distress in his days of Prophet-Hood. She believed in Allah (S.T.) and his messenger when the Prophet (pbuh) received the first revelation and came home worried and frightened. She consoled him (pbuh) in these words as "I take refuge in Allah (S.T.) from that "O Abul Qasim", Allah (S.T.) would not treat you thus since He knows your truthfulness, your great trustworthiness, your fine character and your kindness" (Ibn Isheq).

Her love, affection, encouragement and consolation extended to our beloved Prophet (pbuh) is a great source in estabishing Allah's (ST) message. Khadijah (RA) supported the Prophet (pbuh) for a quarter of a century. She was the embodiment of love, truthfulness and she had firm & fervent faith in Allah (S.T.) and his messenger. She got the honour to be the first woman to enter into Islam and to become the first mother of the Believers.

She was the first to get the glad tidings as to enter into Paradise. She was 40 at the time of her Marriage with the Prophet (pbuh) and the Prophet (pbuh) was of 25 years. Our Prophet (pbuh) was 15 years junior to her. She spent 24 years and few months with the Prophet (pbuh). Allah (S.T.) used to send "Wahi" in her house and even she received the compliment (Salam) through Angel Jibrael. She showed extraordinary affection and extended all kind of moral support to our beloved Prophet (pbuh) when he was boycotted and compelled to stay with his family in the "Shabe-e-Abi Talib". She not only gave him (pbuh) the love and affection of a wife and companion but sacrified all her comfort and peace, her wealth and property. She didn't keep anything but spent it fil his (pbuh) pleasure and comfort.

She showered all her body, soul and property on him (pbuh) & on religion. Therefore our beloved Prophet (pbuh) always remembered her with feelings of love and affection even after her death. The intensity of his (pbuh) love and regard for Khadijah (RA) is shown by the following incidents:

A'ish (RA) reported that once she hurt his (pbuh) feelings on this issue and the Prophet replied " Allah (S.T.) has blessed me with her (Khadijah (RA)) love". On another occassion A'isha (RA) asked him (pbuh) if she had been the only woman worthy of his love and the Prophet (pbuh) replied "She believed in me when no body else did, she embraced Islam when people disbelieved me and she helped and comforted me when there was none to lend me a helping hand".

There is no doubt that Khadijah (RA) stands very high in the religion as well as a history of Islam partly because she was foremost in accepting Islam. When it was being rejected and hated, she supported Prophet (pbuh) and Islam with all her social & financial resources to make him and his religion succeed. The faith of Allah (S.T.) was established and given strength by her support love and encouragement. The "Quran" refer to her in these words as:

Did He not find thee an orphan and give thee shelter (and care)?

And He found thee wandering and He gave thee guidance.

And He found thee in need and made thee independent.

Therefore treat not the orphan with harshness.
(Surah 93 "Adh-Dhuha", Ayahs 6-9)

The Prophet (pbuh) lived a happy and contended life with her for about 25 years and had all his children from her except Ibrahim (RA). He (pbuh) never married another woman as long as she was alive. She died at the age of 65 years after a brief illness. The Prophet (pbuh) remained by her side nursing her all the time. The Prophet (pbuh) himself laid her down in the grave. May Allah (S.T.) be pleased with her. She is the mother of Fatima (RA) and the grand mother of the princes "Imam" Hassan & Hussain (RA). She is the mother-in-law of both Othman bin Affan & Ali bin Abu Talib (RA). She is remembered as Syeda Tahera Siddiqa and Khatijatul- Kubra (RA).

Abdullah bin Abbas (RA) Narrated, One day the Prophet (pbuh) drew 4 lines on the ground and said, "Do you know the meaning of these 4 lines? The companions who were present there respectuflly replied, " Allah (S.T.) (ST)& his Prophet (pbuh) knows very well". The Prophet (pbuh) said that those four lines meant the four most graceful & great women of the universe, they are:

  1. Khadijah bint Khuwailid (RA)
  2. Fatima (RA) bint Muhammad (pbuh)
  3. Mariam bint Imran
  4. Asiyah bint Mazahim (wife of Feraun or pharoh)
  • Khadijah (RA) has got the honour of being, "Ummul-Momineen" the mother of the believers.
  • Fatima (RA) bint Muhammad (pbuh) got the title of being the leader of the women in the paradise.
  • Mariam bint Imran was the mother of Prophet Issa (pbuh) and she bore him without father as per Allah's absolute will.
  • Prophet Mosa (pbuh) was brought up under the kind care of Asiya bint Mazahim. She advised Feraun to adopt Mosa (pbuh) as a son when he was killing the children of Israel. She not only brought up and looked after Mosa (pbuh) but she accepted him (pbuh) as the Prophet of Allah.

Khadijatul-Kubra (RA) was born in 566 A.D. at Mecca Mouzama. Her mother's name was Fatima bint Zaid bin Asam and her father was Khuwailid bint Assad, who was the popular chief of 'Quraysh' Tribe. He lead a very good business. He died in the famous battlefield of "Fajar".

Khadijatul-Kubra (RA) belonged to a respectable wealthy family of Mecca Mukarama. She (RA) had first married to Abu Hala (Malik) bin Zararah Tamim. She had 2 children whose names are Hind & Hala. Abu Hala was a very good businessman and therefore she extended him all help to flourish in the business, but he died after few years later.

Khadijatul-Kubra (RA) was married to another merchant called Atiq bin Aidh. She (RA) had a daughter from 2nd husband whose name was Hinda. She could not continue with her second husband and they had separated.

Khadijah (RA) concentrated on promoting her business and she inherited much wealth and many commercial banking houses. She sometimes lent money to reliable "Qurayshi" merchants as a profits having business. When the Carvans returned from their commercial expeditions, the profits were sharing equally. Sometimes she used to hire men to carry merchandise outside Mecca Al-Mukaramama.

Khadijah (RA) heard about the integrity, probity and truthfulness of Muhammad bin Abdullah (pbuh). As a trader, she sent for him (pbuh) and proposed that he should take her merchandise to Syria and she promised to pay more to him than she used to pay others. Muhammad (pbuh) agreed to carry out the trade. Khadijah (RA) gave 'Maysara' her slave in his service.

Maysara observed many strange things during their travel to Syria. It is narrated that at the noon, when it was intensely hot. Maysara saw two angels shading the Prophet (pbuh) from the scorching rays of the sun Muhammad (pbuh) took rest for a while under a tree while retrurning back to Mecca. Seeing this nastur the jew Rahib asked Maysara who that man was? who took rest under the tree. Maysara was very proud to be under the service who would be Prophet.

Infact, Khadijah (RA) had heard from Maysara the honesty, trustworthiness, high moral character and clean habits of Muhammad (pbuh). She also realised the spritual capacities of Muhammad (pbuh). She was very much impressed by Muhammad (pbuh). She dreamed the illustrious sun in her house which made the house glow a light.

When this dream was brought to the notice of Warqa bin Nawffal, He confradulated her and asked her to be happy to have the "Light of the Prophet" in her house. She therefore made up her mind to send message to Muhammad (pbuh) to marry him throgh Nafeesa who was her friend.

Muhammad (pbuh) happily accepted the offer thus the dream of Khadijah (RA) came true. Abu Talib and Hamza (RA) the uncle's fo the prophet went to the house of Khadijah (RA) on her behalf. Omer bin Assad arranged the marriage ceremony. At this auspicious occassion, Khadijah (RA) invited Haleema the foster mother of the Prophet (pbuh) to the ceremony and she was given 40 goats, a camel & other items as presentation because she had nourished the Prophet when he was a child.
Allah (S.T.) blessed them with the following children.
  1. Qasim bin Muhammad (pbuh)(Abul-Qasim)
  2. Zainab (RA) bint Muhammad (pbuh)
  3. Ruqayya(RA) bint Muhammad (pbuh)
  4. Umm-e-Kulthum (RA) bint Muhammad (pbuh)
  5. Fatima (RA) bint Muhammad (pbuh)
  6. Abdullah (Tayyeb & Taher) bin Muhammad (pbuh)
Muhammad's (pbuh) affectionate love, tenderness increased tremendously and the married life passed peacefully & happily then he diverted his attension in deep meditation and used to spend a month in a year in the rock called "Hira". This rock stands a few miles to the North Mecca. He used to return to his family for provision for further stay. At length, Truth came to him and heard, "0 Muhammad (pbuh) you are the messenger of Allah". (Bukhari)

Allah (S.T.) sent Angel Jibrael when he (pbuh) was praying in the Cave of Hira. The Angel came and took him the Prophet (pbuh) and said that he did not know "Reading" the angel pressed him to his breast number of times asked him to read. The following as:

Meaning:(Proclaim! (or Read!) in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher Who created.

Created man out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood:
(Surah 96 "Al-Alaq", Ayahs 1-2)

Ultimately, the Prophet (pbuh) read the above revelation brought by Jibrael. After this incident the angel disappeared. The Prophet (pbuh) came home frightened, worried and trembling. He asked Khadijah (RA) to give him a blanket to put on. He (pbuh) gave vent the whole occurance at the cave of Hira to her. He also informed her that he was afraid of the risk of life. Khadijah (RA) consoled him by saying, "O Abul Qasim! Allah (S.T.) would not treat you thus since He knows your truthfulness, your great trustworthyness, your fine character and your kindness".

She took him to Warqa bin Nawffal who was her cousin. He had studied the old scriptures and was well-versed with the existing divine religions. He told Khadijah (RA) that angel was Jibrael who brings "Revelation" from Allah (S.T.) to the messengers. He further informed that Muhammad (pbuh) would be driven away from Mecca as was done to other prophets who brought Islam or the true religion.

Qasim and Abdullah (RA) died in their childhood. "Kuffar-e-Mecca (unbelievers)" were resorting to give all sorts of "Troubles and atrocities to the believer and specially to the "Banu Hashim". The Prophet (pbuh) therefore allowed the believers to migrate to "Abbysenia". Ruqayya (RA) and Othman bin Affan were among them who migrated.

The unbelievers started boycoting the "Banu Hashim", and they were compelled to stay in "Shibe-e-Abu Talib" during this siege. The believers suffered a lot of children died of hunger and thirst the elderly people had to take the leaves as their food. This suffering was immeasurable but the believers bore these with complete devotion to Allah and his messeger. Khadijatul-Kubra (RA) who was very rich had to suffer at this troublesome days. She consoled the Prophet (pbuh) and remained with him the hardship inflicted upon the believers. This occurred in the 7th year of the Prophet-Hood.

Allah (S.T.) liked the spritual qualities & sacrifices she made in the cause of Islam that he sent "Salam" and glad tidings of a diamond villa in the Paradise. The 4 daughters of the Holy Prophet i.e. Ruqayya(RA), Zainab(RA), Umme-Kulthum(RA) & Fatima (RA) were all from Khadijatul-Kubra (RA). All of them embraced Islam. Othman bin Affan (RA) first married with Syeda Zainab (RA) and after her death he married with Syeda Ruqayya (RA). Othman (RA) is therefore known as "Zul-Noorain" (i.e. one which has two or dual lights). Fatima-Zohra (RA) was married to Ali bin Abu Talib (RA). The three daughters died during the life time of Prophet (pbuh) and Fatima (RA) died after 6 months of his (pbuh).

Syeda Tahera Khadijatul-Kubra (RA) paid full attention on her children and brought them up nicely. In fact she had sacrificed her ease and comfort for the sake of "Islam" .Holy Prophet (pbuh) spent more of his time in the house of Khadijah (RA) which actually lasted till the Hijrah. This house remained to the centre of spritual and religious activities where Allah (S.T.) used to send "Wahi" and the angels. This house was later purchased from Aqueel bin Abu Talib by Maviya (RA). Maviya (RA) constructed a mosque at this house during his regime. This would remain the place of worship and prayer of Allah (S.T.) till the Doomsday.

She used to obey the instruction and teachings of Islam and his messenger (pbuh). She used to pray 2 Rakah with the Holy Prophet in the morning and also in the evening daily since 5 times "Salat" was not yet made compulsory. Affef Al-Kundi who was a friend of Abbas bin Abdul Mutalib, narrated that they saw a handsome youngman came in Mina. He throughly washed his hands & feets and stood putting his hands at chest and then came a respectful and dignified lady and young boy also joined them. Affef Al-Kundi asked Abbas (RA) as to what practice these people were doing was it a kind of exercise? He informed him that the handsome persone was "Muhammad bin Abdullah" who was my nephew and the lady was Khadijah (RA) Muhammad's (pbuh) wife and the young boy was Ali bin Abu Talib (RA).

Muhammad (pbuh) claimed that he was the Prophet of Allah. The woman and the boy accepted Islam. Later this friend of Abbas (RA) accepted Islam and he wished he would have accepted Islam at that time and had the honour to be the 4th Muslim.

She died at the age of 65 years, 3 years before Hijrah. She breathed her last when the Prophet (pbuh) wan on her side nursing her all the time. He (pbuh) told her that she would be the most honoured woman in Paradise. The Prophet (pbuh) himself led her into the grave by his (pbuh) own hands. Her grave is "Hugoan" in Mecca Al-Mukaramama. This was indeed an irreparable loss of Muhammad (pbuh) and the Prophet (pbuh) used to miss her very much.


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