Brief Biography of VIIIth-Ummul-Mumineen Juwairiyah Bint Harith (RA)

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Marriage Particulars
Name : Juwairiyah (Barat) Bint Harith (RA)
Tribe Name : Banu Mustaliq
Status before the Marriage : Widow
Her 1st Husband's Name : Musafa bin Safwan
Month & Year of her marriage with Prophet (pbuh) : Shaban 5 Hijri
Age at the time of her marriage with Prophet (pbuh) : She was 20 years old and Prophet (pbuh) was 57 years old.
No. of years with the Prophet (pbuh) : She lived with the Prophet (pbuh) for 6 years.
Year of Expiration : 50 Hijri (In the Caliphate of Maviya (RA))
Total Age : 65 Years
No. of Ahadith narrated : 7

When Madina-al-Munauwara became the Capital of Islamic State and the flag of Islam was being hoisted in and around this city. In the month (Shaban) 5 Hijra the Holy Prophet (pbuh) received the news that the people ofwere gathering together against him (pbuh), and that their chief Harith bin Zarar was making plans for attacking. He was very strong and proudly. He had a very beautiful daughter and he gave her hands in marriage with Masfah bin Safwan.

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) sent Buraida bin Haseeb (RA) to conduct a detailed enquiry. He gave the report that all the people of "Banu Mustaliq" were bent upon a battle and that they were fully preplanned for the attack on Madina-al-Munauwara. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) made up his mind to meet "Banu Mustaliq". He (pbuh) decided to lead a strong army of 700 companions. A'isha Siddiqua (RA) also accompanied him (pbuh). He (pbuh) met them at "Al-Muraausi" where there was a good water reservoir. In the fight, some of their men were killed and their women and children were made captives, their property was taken as spoils. Harith bin Zarar escaped from the battlefield Masfah bin Safwan was also killed.

When the captives were distributed among the participants, Juwairiyah (RA) was givin to Thabit bin Qais (RA). She was not in a position to get back her freedom by paying ransom. She was very beautiful and at the same time most straight forward and courageous woman. She approached the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and explained her position and requested for help; as reported by A'isha Siddiqua (RA) as: You can appreciate the plight in which I have beed landed. I feel to the lot of Thabit bin Qais (RA) and have given him "Mukatba" i.e. deed for her redemption) for my redemption. I have now come to seek your help in this matter. The Prophet (pbuh) said Would you like something better than this? I shall discharge your debt and marry you. She Merrily accepted the proposal thus she became "Ummul-Mumineen" i.e. the mother of the believers.

By virtue of this marriage the people of "Banu Mustaliq" were the relatives of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). The Muslims released those they were held. A'isha Siddiqua (RA) commented "I do not know any woman who was a greater blessing to her people than Juwairiyah (RA). Her original name was also "Barat" which the Prophet (pbuh) changed as Juwairiyah (RA).

Juwairiyah (RA) was verey beautiful and she used to spend her time in praying. She also made a corner of the room as Mosque and meditated there. She was very genius and had pleasing manners. Once the Prophet (pbuh) visited her in the early hours of the day, she was praying "Nawafil". He calmly retreated. A little before to noon He (pbuh) again passed by her room and found her still on her prayer carpet. He (pbuh) stepped in and stayed for sometime then He (pbuh) said "Juwairiyah (RA), are you continually praying from morning? She Said "Yes, O Prophet (pbuh) of Allah!". The Prophet (pbuh) told her that He (pbuh) would give her a special "Zikr" which if you pronounced it will fetch her more blessings than the "Nawafil" of the whole day.

It is reported that Harith also accepted Islam along with the other people of "Banu Mustaliq". This was another blessing to the people of "Banu Mustaliq" because of Juwairiyah (RA). After the demise of the Prophet (pbuh) both Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA) and Umer Farooq (RA) grated 12,000 Dirhams during their "Khilafat" (Governing). It is also reported that Umer Farooq (RA) wanted to give Juwairiyah (RA) and Safiyah (RA) only 6,000 Dirhams each as pension. But they refused to take and stating that Umar Farooq (RA) did not consider them on par with the other "Ummul-Mumineen". Ultimately granted them also 12,000 Dirhams as pension.

She died in the year 50 Hijra at the age of about 65 years. Her funeral prayer was offered by Marwan bin Hakam.


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