Brief Biography of XIth-Ummul-Mumineen Maimunah Bint Harith Al-Hilalia (RA)

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Marriage Particulars
Name : Maimunah Bint Harith Al-Hilalia (RA)
Tribe Name : Banu Hilal
Status before the Marriage : Widow
Her 1st Husband's Name : Abdullah bin Masood bin Umroo
Her 2nd Husband's Name : Abu Ruhm bin Abdul Uzza
Month & Year of her marriage with Prophet (pbuh) : Dhu Al-Qaidah 7 Hijri
Mehar (bridal money) : 500 Dirhams
Age at the time of her marriage with Prophet (pbuh) : She was 26 years old and Prophet (pbuh) was 59 years old.
No. of years with the Prophet (pbuh) : She lived with the Prophet (pbuh) for 3 years & 3 months.
Year of Expiration : 61 Hijri (In the Caliphate of Yazid bin Maviya (RA))
Total Age : 80 Years
No. of Ahadith narrated : 76

Abdullah (RA) and Abbas (RA) stated that her name was "Barrat" and the Holy Prophet (pbuh) renamed her name as "Maimunah (RA)" after the marriage. Her father was Harith Al-Hilalia bin Hazam and her mother was Hind bint Awf. She was first married to Abdullah bin Masood bin Umroo Thaqafi and After divorce she was married to Abu Ruhm bin Abdul Uzza who died and Maimunah (RA) was became a widow.

In the year of 7 Hijra, when the Holy Prophet (pbuh) went to perform "Umrah-al-Qada". Abbas bin Abdul Mutallib who is his (pbuh) uncle and he proposed to the Prophet (pbuh) that he (pbuh) may marry with Maimunah (RA). The Prophet (pbuh) accepted the proposal of his (pbuh) uncle. After 3 days of stay in Mecca the Prophet (pbuh) was return to Madina-al-Munauwara as was agreed in "Sulah-e-Hudaibiah".

Jaffer bin Abi Talib (RA) had made arrangements of the marriage. It is stated that this marriage was soliminised while the Prophet (pbuh) was in "Ahram". The marriage was consummated at a place called "Sarif" outside the Mecca. There are two different versions about her "Mehar", it is said that 500 Dirhams was her "Mehar" and the other versions is that Maimunah (RA) did not ask the "Mehar" and willingly offered herself to the Prophet (pbuh). He married her to bring the "Qurayeshi" nearer to Islam and to show that he (pbuh) was a genuine well-wisher of the Meccans. She was the last to occupy the status of "Ummul-Mumineen" as the Holy Prophet (pbuh) did not marry any woman after Maimunah (RA).

Maimunah (RA) alloted a room adjacent to the Mosque of the Prophet (pbuh). All the other wives "Ummul-Mumineen" welcomed her and treated her very kindly. A'isha Siddiqua (RA) narrated that
Maimunah (RA) was the most virtuous and God-fearing and most considerate in treating her relatives well. She used to pray in the Mosque of the Prophet as she had heard that 'the prayer offered in that Mosque is thousand time better than other Mosque except the Holy "Haram" in Mecca where it is equivalent to 1,00,000 prayers.

When the Holy Prophet (pbuh) fell ill, he (pbuh) was with Maimunah (RA). She was very intelligent and had strong memory. She used to memorize the "Ahadith" which she heard from the Holy Prophet (pbuh). She narrated 76 "Ahadith" She was used to borrow money. Once she borrowed a huge sum of money and someone said, "How will you pay it back?", She said that the Prophet (pbuh) had said, "If one has the intention to pay it back, Allah (S.T.) himself pays off the debt".

Maimunah (RA) died in the year 61 Hijra during the period of Caliph Yazid (Rah) bin Maviya (RA) at the age of 80 years. She breathed her last at "Sarif" where she was married with the Prophet (pbuh). Abdullah bin Abbas (RA), the famous Companion who was her nephew offered the funeral prayer.


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