This Book costs several hundred of hours with a great consideration and deep concentration to reach at this stage, still it has been upgrading. If you might to pay something to me, you just say a word 'Jazak Allahu Khairin' . It would pay more than that what I deserved and Allah (S.T.) may pleased with me 'Insha-Allah'.
My intention is to improve my knowledgeability and serve for a peaceful human life, it would be more helpful for those who are trying to maintain a peacefull life with their life partners.

I have taken all these information from various references in urdu language. So, it might be subjected to a wide range of diffusion in meaning. To reducing the factor of diffusion, I have Authenticated all this information by a Islamic Scholar in my circle, whose name was late Mr. Syed Arif. I have submitted my notes to him for authentication in all respects. So, he has done a great job for us. I shall be always grateful to him and Allah (S.T.) may pleased with him but I might have to say "Jazak Allahu Khair".

I endeavour to express these words emphatically but I couldn't so, please read these biogrophies as on a student level rather than on a scholar level. If you really interested to read these biogrophies as on a scholar level then you might have many more references.

If you have found any type of mistakes such as (alphabetically, grammatically, numerically, logically, chronologically, missing of punctuations, order of Names instead of descending to ascending vice-versa or any false reference) then please inform me through I will reconsider to those mistakes and update as soon as I can. If you found any reliable information rather than these Biographies then you must ignore this and please inform me to update my information accordingly.

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