Brief Biography of IXth-Ummul-Mumineen Safiyah Bint Huyaiy (RA)

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Marriage Particulars
Name : Safiyah Bint Huyaiy (RA)
Tribe Name : Banu Nazeer
Status before the Marriage : Widow
Her 1st Husband's Name : Salam bin Mishkam
Her 2nd Husband's Name : Kanana bin Abi Al-Haqeeq
Month & Year of her marriage with Prophet (pbuh) : Muharram 7 Hijri
Mehar (bridal money) : Free from Slavery
Age at the time of her marriage with Prophet (pbuh) : She was 17 years old and Prophet (pbuh) was 59 years old.
No. of years with the Prophet (pbuh) : She lived with the Prophet (pbuh) for 3 years & 9 months.
Year of Expiration : 50 Hijri (In the Caliphate of Maviya (RA))
Total Age : 60 Years
No. of Ahadith narrated : Nil

Safiyah (RA) was the daughter of Huyaiy bin Akhtab, who was the chieftain of th tribe of "Banu Nazeer". She was first married to Salam bin Mishkam and then second married to Kanana bin Abi Al-Haqeeq. Kanana bin Abi Al-Haqeeq was killed in the battle of "Khaibar". Safiyah (RA) was among the prisioners of war. It is reported that the famous companion Wahia Kalbi (RA) requested to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) for a slave girl from the spoils of the war. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) permitted him to have his own choice. He selected Safiyah (RA) but the other companions requested to the Prophet (pbuh) to have Safiyah (RA) for himself as she was the daughter of the chief. He (pbuh) asked Wahia Kalbi (RA) to choose other girl.

The Prophet (pbuh) then gave her the choice of joining her people after freedom or accepting Islam and coming into matrimonial relationship with him. She was very happy to marry him (pbuh). The Prophet (pbuh) then first set her free and married her. Her freedom was considered as her dowry.

Safiyah (RA) wasn only 17 years old at the time of this marriage. This marriage was celebrated at "Al-Sabha". Abu Ayub Anasari (RA) guarded the camp whole night. The next day ordinary "Walima" was arranged. The feast consisted of "Hais" a dish of dates. She was very intelligent and beautiful. She loved the Prophet (pbuh) with all her heart and soul.

When the Prophet (pbuh) felt illness she said with extreme sorrow tht his illness could come her. The Prophet (pbuh) married with her to damp the animosity of the jews. He was so kindly, gracious and sympathetic to Safiyah (RA) that he never alluded to what her father had done him.

Safiyah (RA) narrated: When the Prophet (pbuh) migrated to Madina-al-Munauwara, her father and uncle went to see the Prophet (pbuh) and find out whether he (pbuh) was the true Messenger of Allah (S.T), as mentioned in the scriptures. They came back and had this conversation "What do you thing about him (pbuh)? Asked my uncle. "He is the same Prophet (pbuh) as told in the Holy Boooks" said my father. Then "What is to be done?" then the reply came that they must oppose him with all their might.

Safiyah (RA) was a devoted believer, punctually performed all rituals. She was used to spend much of her time in reciting the Holy Quran and it is reported that she used to weep while reciting Quran. She was taunted by some of the other wives of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) being a "Yahudia". The Prophet (pbuh) admonished them when Safiyah (RA) complained to him (pbuh).

Safiyah (RA) stationed in the house of Harisa bin Noman in Madina-al-Munauwara, where all the other wives of the Prophet (pbuh) and the ladies of the town visited to her. She was very generous and she gave her jewellery to Fatima (RA) bint Muhammad (pbuh) and the othr wives of the Prophet (pbuh) when she came to Madina-al-Munauwara after her marriage.

The Prophet (pbuh) saw a sear on her face and enquired, "What is this?" She said "One day I had a dream that a moon rose from "Yathrab" (a town near Madina) and fell in my lap. I mentioned this to my husband Kinan. He grew angry and slapped me on my face. She had very kind and gentle behaviour from the Prophet (pbuh) when they came to Madina-al-Munauwara from "Khaibar" (a fort) after the marriage. She also exhibited kindness and gentle behavior with the family of the Prophet (pbuh). She tried her level best to live peacefully and happily with A'ish Siddiqua (RA), Hafsah (RA), Zainab (RA) and Juwairiah (RA).

Her maid servant once said to Umer Farooq (RA) that she had a strong predilection for "Sabbath-Saturday" and that she had not yet give up her love for the jews. Umer Farooq (RA) himself visited to her and told what her maid had said to him. Safiyah (RA) explained "O Umer (RA)! Allah (S.T.) granted me friday as a substitute for "Sabbath" and as for jews I have love for them as they are my kinsman and relatives. This replly satisfied Umar (RA). She asked the maid servant as to why she so complained, the maid servant accepted that she was incited by the Salam. Safiyah (RA) sent her free.

Safiyah (RA) died in the year 50 Hijra at the age of 60 years. She lived with the Holy Prophet (pbuh) for nearly 4 years. She was burried in the "Janatul-Baqi"(Graveyard).


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