To build your Search Criteria by using Multiple of Complex Words with Highly specefic Logical Operators in both the languages simultaneously, Text must match with all symbols.

Simulation of Words
String Type Operator Symbol English Example Arabic Example
String AND String AND + Prophet+Companion +
String OR String OR  , ; - | \  / Prophet,Companion ,
String NOT String NOT ! Prophet!hypocrites !
Space between Words SPACE space Human beings
Space at Prefix SPACE space (space) Father   (space)
Space at Suffix SPACE space Child (space) (space)

Logical Descriptions
AND With both the words having sign.
OR Any of the words having operator sign in between either Left Side OR Right Side of the sign.
NOT The word have String Left Side of the Sign & Not have String Right Side of the sign.
Sace bet. Words Simple Multiple Strings having spaces in between words in same context.
Space at Prefix A word having Prefix SPACE means that is avoiding the word "GRANDFATHER" from " FATHER".
Space at Suffix

A word having Suffix SPACE means that is avoiding the word "CHILDREN" from "CHILD " .